Upsides And Downsides Of The Us War On Drugs

Imagine if the war on drugs never started and how bad the world would be today, and how many deaths would happen everyday because of the lack of control on drugs.

The world would be a worse place than it already is, the crime rate would be higher and the death rate would skyrocket. This paper will talk about the effects of the war on drugs, and why it started. I will go through MK-Ultra, How Frank Olsan helped start the war, The CSA, and how the war has made things worse.

MK-Ultra was the CIA’S attempt of mind control. During the cold war the CIA got a new head director who was obsessed with mind control, and hoped to use it to gather vital intelligence on the soviets. When he did his speech the public seemed to love him, and thought he would be the best for them, but they had no idea of how bad he really was. The CIA was well aware of how the public would react if anyone found out. But “they needed to finish the mission before the war ended”(War). who was the director at the time forced the CIA to do this and would assassinate people who tried to defect, or even if they told their family, the whole family would be murdered. The people who were getting tested for mind control were normal people from the public who were getting paid for it. They used a mixture of LSD and other semi-harmful chemicals for the mind control, during this process they made truth serum, but they wanted something that worked better. According to “It took them weeks to find the right amount of chemicals and LSD but it worked. They were successful in mind control in only a matter of months.” They tried this mixture on a CIA agent to see what it would truly do, they asked him questions on things that only he knew and he came out truthfully with every exact detail.They held him for days to make sure he didn’t leak anything out to the public. His name was never released probably because he died soon after it happened but nobody knows.

Frank Olsan was the lead scientist on MK-Ultra, he did many other projects for the CIA but he is most notable for his contribution to MK-Ultra. According to “Frank Olsan was trusted by the CIA but he soon defected in away that kept him alive. They kept him alive not only because they needed him, but the way he defected is not against the law which makes him invulnerable to be assassinated.” Because of this he was able to tell people without having to fear being killed. Soon his family knew about the project and kept it to themselves a year. Frank found out of the serum that mixed LSD with sulfericbicarbinate which put the mind under some sort of trance that made them tell the truth no matter the consequences. “He found a serum that worked millions of times better than truth serum that acted six times faster, than truth serum they had found only 2 months prior”(Collett). Because of this serum we were able to win the cold war, with the serum we were able to get information out of high ranking military members and russian VIP’s. Soon after Frank Olsan completely defected to the public about what happened during the tests of MK-Ultra.

A few days after he defected he felt a little weird after drinking a cocktail, he brushed it off as nothing and kept going along his day normally. A few days after that at around the same time he fell out of his window to his death. They found out that his drink only 3 days earlier was spiked with LSD. According to “The CIA gave his family $750,000 which seemed like they were keeping them quiet. Frank Olsan’s autopsy found that he had multiple bruises, and wounds that were there before his impact. This helped with the conspiracy that he was murdered for defecting.” We will never truly know if he was assassinated.

President Richard Nixon found out about MK-Ultra and didn’t like the fact that it had happened. He was against drug use, because of the effects it had on people, and the people’s families. He declared a nation wide war on drugs that he hoped would soon end most dangerous drug use. For this he created the CSA(controlled substance act).

The CSA outlines 5 “schedules” used to classify drugs. According to “Nixon hoped that this would abolish drug abuse by allowing marijuana to become legal in small amounts. It was believed that marijuana in anyform is a gateway drug, but it could take away the need for other drugs from its calming effects.” Because marijuana was never able to be classified under the high abuse category under the CSA medical marijuna was able to allowed, which eventually made 1 gram of weed was able to be possessed by anyone over 21. This did make drug abuse for other drugs decrease but it made marijuana an even more highly abused drug. The CSA also made the war on drugs the most highly funded war the US has ever fought, the war has been fought for over 45 years. Nixon passed the CSA couple months before he resigned. Nixon was never able to do anything else for the war but he definitely helped it at its early stages. The CSA is still in effect today, and now people are trying to patishin it out because people believe that it doesn do anything anymore. The CSA was an important part of the war that helped more than anyone thinks, if we Nixon never gave the idea of it the world would be a worse place than it is now. According to stanford studies less illegal drugs have been passed through in the last 30 years than ever thanks to the CSA. But the CSA made it impossible to have access to drugs that were commonly accepted in the medical field. These drugs being illegal now made it hard for hospitals, and people who needed these drugs after surgery. These people went through withdrawals because they couldn’t have the correct drugs they needed. The CSA lead to many medical deaths because they didn’t have the correct drugs they had been used to using. Nixon brought up the CSA to save lives but yet in that process he killed thousands.

From then to now the war on drugs has been ruining the world. According to “In the 70s after the CSA was passed the mafia became more present, and more deadly”(McCoy). The mafia started handling drugs and helped the mexican drug cartel for money. They became more powerful and started ruling the drug market. also said, “The mafia started making more lockups, and made the US one of the biggest drug imports in the world” We are supplying the chinese with more drugs, and making the people worse off than they already are. The US war on drugs is making the world a worse place because we are exporting more drugs than anywhere in the world. We need to find a way to stop drug abuse and not allow so many drugs to be exported and imported. The CSA was a good idea and it helped but it is making things worse now. People are trying to propose other ways to stop drug abuse while stopping illegal drug exports, and imports as much as possible.

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