The Rise Of Technological Unemployment

Did you know that thousands of jobs are being lost because of technological advancement?

In society today, we are dealing with an issue called technological unemployment, most of you probably are unaware of what this is, Technological unemployment is unemployment due to technological advancement taking over human labour. It became a problem because in recent years we’ve advance our use of technology to take over human labour at a growing rate causing countless jobs to come to an end. Statistics have shown that up to 47% of jobs could be replaced by robots and did you also know that up to 1.7 million Americans with driving professions could lose their jobs due to developments in driverless vehicles? It is now a proven fact that 52% of jobs will be replaced by 2030, that may not seem like a lot but in the real work force it is a huge percentage that affects many people in our society. Technological unemployment is often linked to a wider picture called ‘structural unemployment’ which means industrial organisation due to technological change. To give you a better picture of what jobs can be completely replaced here are a few, cashiers, taxi, uber and truck drivers, brick layers, fast food employees, receptionists, waiters, retailors and port operators.

Three of the major examples of technological unemployment is that there is now a bricklaying robots building houses in 2 days here in Perth!

Also, there a development in robots working in fast food outlets, not only will these robots be serving customers they will be making food! The third example is that there are now establishments of robots in retail, in grocery stores and clothing stores they are serving and helping customers. If these developments continue, up to millions of people could be left without a job.

The first perspective on this issue is that technological advancement is a threat to society and will cause major issues in the near future. Technological unemployment became a problem because in recent years we’ve advance our use of technology to replace human labour at an exceeding rate meaning the continuation of unemployment due to the advance in technology can eventually result in an increased rate of homelessness in Australia and across the world.

On the other hand, others may say that technological growth is not necessarily a way to replace human workers but to assist them to be able to work cooperatively and effectively. Although many jobs can be replaced by robots, advancing in technology can make working a lot easier and more efficient then they are now, often, robots and humans working together is seen as the next generation and unlike human’s robots are able to demonstrate skills that humans are unable to.

There are two ways you can see this issue, but after researching my topic, I personally believe that technological advancement is a threat to our society and is something that needs to be discussed more often, in less than 10 years from now up to millions of people will be left unemployed and if these number continue to increase our future will be in danger.