The Representation Of Police Brutality In The Media

Many people now think that there is more police and gun violence than ever before.

The media states to the public that the victims of this brutality are minorities and specifically points out the black community. With the latest news stories against police like the Michael brown shooting, and Eric Garner’s choke hold, it’s easy to see why there may be an uproar. It is understandable why there is such an uproar. The media uproar over Michael Brown and Eric Garner may paint a false picture of the number of police incidents against African Americans.

A study shown by Katherine Beckett, states that crime coverage in the news made up for more than 30% of all the covered stories. The media wants to get the public fired up and curious so they can get more views and more publicity. Then she goes on to say the fact that news channels are a part of the media and media will always first try and make money from the stories they put out. The media always will take a story or event that has happened and try to make money of it for as long as they can.

Americans see police brutality on the news it seems like regularly.

All the views make it go viral it makes the whole police department seem like it is corrupted, this is the double standard. The whole police system is not to be blamed for the uproars and riots that had been brought on by the crimes. There are a few bad or racist cops; they need to be off the force and never work for any other department ever again. Just because there are a few bad apples does not mean the whole tree is rotten. No one department will try to take down a specific race. Most of these cases are in the heat of the moment and the officers are just trying to protect themselves. Sadly, there are some cases where there could have been different outcomes.

The problem does not rest with the police themselves but rather our perception and the Medias way of covering certain stories. These moments are unfortunate, but the public people need to remember that media is always going to try and milk stories until they are dry because they want people to listen and pay attention no matter the cost. It’s important to remember that media is not always correct when it comes to these confrontations with the police. Media attention is the worst thing for any case of “police brutality” because media and people’s opinions will erupt into violence and even more crime. The media uses racism because it’s a touchy topic and is one of the most popular topics today.

A member of the media may feel deep sympathy with protests against police violence or against gun violence. They can therefore understand the rage of the protester. And that sympathy may lead to soft-pedaling or ignoring acts of violence, out of concern that reporting the facts might make the movement suffer. This is another reason that the media can sometimes, not all the time, be bias.

Gun violence has taken a toll on the United Sates over these past few years. According to “,” every day one hundred Americans are killed with guns and hundreds more are shot and injured. In 2015, 13,367 people lost their lives due to gun violence according to Gun Violence Archive. The Archive also states that out of that number, 693 were children from ages 0-11. There are many ways that our society can regulate guns. Gun-related murders can be decreased through the use of universal background checks. This makes it harder for people who have warrants out for their arrest or people that are convicted felons to purchase or have access to guns. Those in favor of gun control tend to believe that guns should be terminated completely but, the second amendment prevents lawmakers from being able to do so. Trying to take guns away from every person in the United States would be impossible. There are to many firearms to account for. If the government tries to follow through with this action it would cause an even bigger uproar than before. The government would also see a spike in the illegal gun trade and even more unregistered firearms.

In conclusion, police brutality is prevalent in today’s society. Every day there is something new that surfaces in media about the police. The media portrays the whole police department to be the bad guy when in reality not all police officers are racist or just a bad person. There officers that are racist and are awful people and those are the ones who should never own a badge again. Gun violence is another issue. We can’t get rid of guns all together, but we can try and regulate them as much as possible. Background checks need to happen in order to help put an end to some of the violence that occurs in America .