The Problem Of Police Deviance And Integrity


In enforcement, officers play a crucial role in deciding however they’re perceived by the general public. this will have a control on their ability to enforce totally different laws and work with the community in reducing criminal activity. However, their overall amounts of authority and power will produce things wherever potential abuses can occur. this is often problematic, as these practices can have a negative impact on the connection that the local department can have with voters. As they’ll lose religion within the ability of officers to objectively wear down problems and enforce the law. (Martin, 2013)

Evidence of this will be seen with observations from Martin (2013) United Nations agency aforesaid, “Over the past few decades, nice strides have occurred within the enforcement profession. to start with, several police agencies have avoided hiring candidates United Nations agency have low moral standards and have known those aboard workers early in their careers United Nations agency would possibly compromise the department’s integrity. additionally, analysis has discovered new ways of testing candidates for his or her psychological propensity to act ethically. However, unethical conduct by the nation’s cops continues to occur in departments massive and little. analysis into police corruption offers some understanding of the development within the hope of growing out this behavior that serves to undermine the legitimacy of enforcement.” (Martin, 2013)

This is illustrating the challenges that each one police department face once it involves deviance and integrity. to totally perceive what’s happening needs conducting Associate in Nursing comprehensive review of the matter and introducing attainable solutions. Together, these parts can highlight the scope of the challenges and the way to handle them over the long run. An exhaustive Review of the matter drawback} of police misconduct may be a major problem which will impact the power to enforcement to handle a bunch of difficulties. in keeping with a study conducted by Injustice all over, they determined that one out of each 116 officers are committed some form of on the task transgressions. Out of this variety, they divided these violations into a spread of classes. 

Moreover, Orwell (n.d.) determined that enforcement encompasses a distinctive role they’re taking part in in implementing the law and building confidence among the overall public. an honest example of this may be seen with him voice communication, “Police area unit solely gatekeepers to the huge equipment that is that the criminal justice system, however there, for several folks, the sole, full-time representative or image of the law’s purpose in society (which is justice). they’re the greatest image of ‘the institution,’ or ‘the man.’ they’re expected to stay insulated or isolated from politics and fashion, however, still show the commonsensical reasonableness of the individual. Nobody’s good, however the police area unit control to a better customary of competency. They not solely need to be economical however effective conjointly. they need to reinforce lawfulness likewise as legitimacy. this implies that they need to not solely uphold resilient standards (like evidence, group action, and smart faith) however to boot do their duty to exercise common sense (show fairness and equity specifically cases once the circumstances demand it). Police answerability is all regarding this duty being conditional, i.e., forever on loan. Police area unit judged on the premise of this sort of justice, not the sort that merely measures what percentage arrests area unit created and/or if the rate drops.

Their ethics should mirror social justice quite criminal justice.” (Orwell, n.d.) this can be illustrating however enforcement needs to maintain a fragile balance in implementing the law and protective the interests of the community. At the guts of the problem, is that the integrity of the officers and their ability to avoid changing into concerned in varied deviances. once this happens, they’re additional attentive to public emergencies. it’s at now that there’ll be bigger amounts of trust and support for the actions taken by enforcement officers. (Orwell, n.d.) Furthermore, several of the practices utilized by enforcement area unit criticized. this can be as a result of the utilize tools like racial discrimination to see if somebody is concerned in criminal activities. In general, this has tried to be an arguable plan of action. for example, the Long (2009) finished that, “Police in major U.S. cities stop and question quite 1,000,000 folks every year – a sharply higher variety than simply a number of years a gene. Most area unit black and Hispanic men. several area units frisked, and (nearly all area unit innocent of any crime, stress mine), in step with figures gathered by The Associated Press. Civil liberties teams say the follow is racist and fails to discourage crime. Police departments maintain it’s a necessary tool that turns up bootleg weapons and medicines and prevents additional serious crime.

Police records indicate that officer’s area unit drawn to suspicious behavior: furtive movements, actions that indicate somebody could also be serving as a lookout, something that implies a drug deal, or someone carrying felony tools like a slim-Jim or pry.” (Long, 2009) this is often be} illustrating that the techniques utilized by enforcement can outrage choose segments of the population (i.e. minorities). Yet, at constant time, looking the actions and individual mannerism can facilitate officers to decide if somebody is acting suspicious (i.e. profiling). This has created conflict regarding these practices and therefore the means they’re applied within the universe. Over the course of your time, the employment of those techniques and potential abuses area unit creating true worse. once this happens, the general public can begin to question the actions taken by enforcement and therefore the tools they’re exploitation to guard the general public. (Long, 2009)

Possible Solutions for a Resolution 

Some potential solutions for coping with these challenges includes establishing a code of ethics for everybody to follow within the local department. This involves making practices that are clench the values that are most significant to communities and inside society. These standards can establish procedures and customs that are targeted on protective the connection with the general public. (“Police Officer Code of Ethics,” 2004) (Berg, 1999) Moreover, these pointers will be wont to inform the community regarding the foremost acceptable procedures and techniques for imposing the law. within the event there’s any quite abuses, is once the general public will use the data from the code of ethics to work out if an official is following these laws. This helps to enhance oversight and transparency. (“Police Officer Code of Ethics,” 2004) (Berg, 1999) To enforce these provisions, an inside Affairs unit might be established. they need the responsibility of work any quite police misconduct.

These people are responsible to Associate in Nursing oversight committee. they’ll monitor the activities of officers and can sanction, suspend or advocate criminal charges being filed against people WHO violate the code of ethics. (“Police Officer Code of Ethics,” 2004) (Berg, 1999) to stay the method truthful, the committee can incorporate members of the community, enforcement and native officers. Their basic objectives are} to use this as a measure to enforce new pointers that are designed to curb police deviance. If this could occur, these changes can remodel however officers are interacting with the general public. this is often after they can abide by these pointers. The social control of those provisions can produce a procedure for work offenses, protective the rights of the defendant and hard those that violate the code of ethics. (“Police Officer Code of Ethics,” 2004) (Berg, 1999) What makes this approach thus distinctive is that the department can perform as Associate in Nursing freelance entity. this implies that Internal Affairs can have the ability to override the Chief of Police and the officers within the department. they’re responsible to the oversight committee that is chargeable for imposing these provisions. This method can occur by taking a balanced approach that’s targeted on transparency, protective the rights of the defendant and effectively work any quite violations.


Clearly, police deviance and integrity are major problems that each department should modify. this is often as a result of there are times once officers are forced to interact in actions which will infringe upon the rights of the individual (in order to guard the final public). the matter is these techniques can typically be utilized in type of things. this is often once the chances increase that potential abuses can occur. to stop this from happening needs enacting a code of ethics and establishing an inside Affairs division. they’ll report on to Associate in Nursing oversight committee, WHO can research and sanction officers that violate these provisions. once this takes place, the underlying amounts of deviance can decrease by having effective procedures for guiding officers and hard them for violating these provisions.


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