The Need To Increase Australian Military Spending


Did you know that Australia’s defence force is largely incapable of defending our nation against a full-scale invasion without help from the US?

However, amid rising tensions in the pacific, primarily between the US and China, we may be forced to take sides in a war that will take a heavy toll on both sides. Good morning/afternoon members of the Raise your voice youth forum. In this essay I will be discussing why increased spending on the Australian Defence Force is a necessity if Australia is to remain a free nation.

As we all know China possess the third most powerful military in the world according to the Global Firepower Index.

Along with a powerful military, China also possesses many weapons of mass destruction including intercontinental ballistic missiles that are more than capable of devastating Australian cities, killing millions in the process. Currently Australia is heavily reliant on American aid to prevent invasions in case of war with China or Russia. However, as China possesses weapons capable of hitting American cities, the American government would be forced to decide whether defending Australia and their position in the pacific is worth the nuclear annihilation of many of their major cities. This means that we must consider the possibility of the US withdrawing from the Pacific and abandoning us if China were to invade.

Since our federation in 1900, Australia has been heavily reliant on our large number of military alliances and defensive pacts with other democratic nations to enforce national security. Throughout the 1900s Australia fought in many major conflicts alongside our allies, however as we saw during WW2, our allies may not always be capable of helping us. As Japan expanded southward through the Pacific the risk of invasion became major. This was because Britain, our primary ally and protector, was occupied in Europe fighting Germany and Italy. This left their navy incapable of helping us in repelling an invasion from the Japanese. What would happen today if the US and UK were to occupied fighting in their own spheres of influence to help us. This could lead to invasion and occupation causing millions of Australians too suffer.

This issue is a major one especially for us, the upcoming generation of Australians. As it will be us who suffer the consequences of nuclear annihilation and occupation. To enforce National security our government must raise military spending from 1.9% of our GDP to 3-4% by 2025. This will allow our armed forces to acquire technologically advanced weapons and defence systems primarily in our air force and Navy. According to ex-Australian diplomat Richard Broinowski Australia must acquire 70 F-35 fight generation fighters as a minimum to secure our air space and prevent nuclear attacks. Furthermore, we must acquire 24 state-of-the-art submarines to deny naval invasion of our nation. This would only be the minimum required and increased military spending would help all our armed forces catch up to the standards of many countries today allowing us to defend ourselves with and without help from our allies.