The Issue Of Political Corruption In Australia

Australian society experiences high standard of living through underlying democratic infrastructure.

However,Australian society are less supportive and involved in everyday politics. Until 2018, less than 41% of Australian citizen were satisfied with the performance of democracy system. Similarly, citizens believe the government are not chargeable for broken promises, they do not deal sensitive issues (Evans et al, 2018). Corruption has taken place at local council, state and commonwealth level. Furthermore, corruption can occur in various forms from small illegal payments as part of routine administrative process to the large scale deviations of public resources to corrupt individual(Parliament of Australia,2011). In some countries official corruption is not taken so seriously however it is becoming a problem in a number of countries. In Australia, although the governments are taking so many action against corruption, corruption is still taking place to some extent. This essay will discuss the level of corruption in Australian and the lack of trust towards Australian government .Also the impact of corruption in public,economy, public who are not transparent regarding political issues and the measures to minimize corruption will be explained.

In Australia, corruption is evidient to some extent.

In addition, the media, trade unions and political parties were seen as Australia’s most corrupt organizations (Sunanda et al, 2012).It affects both the public and private sectors and can be facilitated by bribery, embezzlement, money laundering nepotism and cronyism (Parliament of Australia, 2011).According to corruption index, Transparency International, Australia has decreased its ranking of seventh level in 2012 to ninth in 2013. Similarly, it remained 13th from 2015 onwards(Knaus, 2019).Fitzgerald Report (1989) in Queensland ,Australia was country’s major investigations of police corruption and maladministration. Its suggestion include measures to reconstruct the police force and creating new ways of reviewing criminal justice system(Finanie, 2010) In order to combat existing corruption government must make comprehensive strategy.This includes special law to punish and investigate corruption, the creation of permanent anti corruption commission to safe guard democracy .Policies should be redesigned with ordinary Australians and citizen juries should be given complex problem to solve which parliament can not do. Also,limiting donations to parties and election(Evans et al, 2018).Transparency International Australia CEO Serena Lillywhite says” Strengthening our democracy must be a priority for 2019”(Donaldson, 2019). In Australia, due to failure of federal governments to generate an effective national anti-corruption body, corruption is still taking place (Malley, 2018).Eddie Obeid was recently sentenced to prison for misconduct in public office in NSW(Whitebourn,2016).All the powers of NSW,including public hearings it is known that he had been involving in misconduct for decades(Leslie,2017).The two branch of reserve bank of Australia were charged with record A $22m(16.1m) in 2012 for donating bribes to foreign officisls(Smyth, 2018).In 1980s,according to Fitzgerd Inquiry in Queensland the WA Inc Royal Commission in western Australia there were prevalence of large scale corruption which thrilled the nation. Many former ministers and officials were imprisoned and resigned. There is a need of sufficient resources for a federal anti corruption commission to fulfill its purpose. Similarly,budget which is meant for anti corruption commission must be saved and preserved from political interference(Aulby, 2017)

Corruption has negative impact on the nation, communities and institutions.Whereas, more than half percentage of citizens are not transparent to the political issues. Democracy and the rule of law is hindered and investment is encouraged manipulating markets. Corruption also draw away resources from important facilities like school, hospital, roads and provides space for crime and terrorism (Parliament of Australia, 2011). According to discussion paper by Australian government, the trust is at lowest level,which could have reduced the GDP by as much as 4% OR $ 72.3 billion(Hannah et al, 2018).Recently,Griffith University found that trust and confidence in Australian government has slipped in the last year to 46% at federal and state levels. In addition, officials and politicians are using their positions so,they can be benefited themselves or their families, business and considered as challenging problem. In terms, political leaders are receiving millions of dollars in donations from publicist/public agent. Last year in a survey one in twenty Australian public servant said that they seen a colleague who was involved in corrupt practices. Similarly,in past three years the statistics has been doubled (Ng,2018)More than 50% of Australians think they are not influenced by the politics or do not have any perception regarding what the government do. Similarly,after surveying fewer than a third of Australians 27% believes that MPs keep promises during an election campaign. Australian thinks that people with good connections can have chances to be benefitted by campaign. Beside this, Australians are not confident enough that appointed public officials and elected politicians.

In the other side, the trust in Australian government rose 7 points this year to 42.Gender wise,men trust more than female.Inspite of increase,Australia still sits in the group of countries who tends to be distrustful equals to the UK and just above the US.(Donaldson,2019).The Australia Institute shows 78% of Australian wants federal corruption commission to carry public hearing and 85% think public trust will raise if federal corruption commission can do so(Aulby, 2018).The Royal Commission has gained considerable success in exposing corrupt areas within NSW police service by utilizing advanced Surveillance technology.Similarly,ThevRoyal Commission NSW has underline the issues involved in recognising and managing corruption and also promoting ethical conduct among police(Brereton et al, 2018).

In conclusion, corruption is still taking place to some extent .Government are doing some measures to minimize the corruption level from high level to low level.There are some measures which governments should implement in order to combat corruption and raise level of trust in government. In addition, there is loss of trust and confidence towards Australians government. As, corruption is a serious challenge for government that must be met by a comprehensive strategy.This includes special law to punish and investigate corruption, the creation of permanent anti corruption commission to safe guard democracy. Similarly,there is need of federal governments to generate an effective national anti-corruption body.