The Importance Of Ethics In Military

Ethics is the set principle that determines the behavior of a person.

These principles and morals are there to be able to guide a person from doing wrong actions. In that connection, military ethics are the code of principles that a soldier should abide by while conducting the military duties. They govern how they are supposed to act during certain situations and most important when they are in the war.

Military ethics can be viewed in various aspects.

A soldier during the war has to follow certain set guidelines that are acceptable to society and by the country at large. For instance, it is unethical for a soldier to kill innocent people on the battlefield and claim that it was a mistake. A soldier should be the one protecting the innocent not endangering them and killing them.

It is argued that soldiers can kill people who are not the enemy if they in any way prevent them from completing their tasks. This is stated as collateral damage and is allowed in the military ethics and rules as the soldiers were doing their mission and the innocent people came in their way. This is an approach that the soldiers are made to follow when in their missions to prevent the enemy from winning.

In military ethics, it states that war should be the last resort after all the other means have been exploited and rendered futile. This tries to resolve the conflict by finding other peaceful methods so as to prevent harm from happening to the people. This shows that soldiers try by all means to prevent war from happening as they know it causes grave harm and they see of no need to go to war every time a small conflict arises which can be easily resolved.

The military has its set rule that is followed to justify them going to war which is that they are going to war for a just reason and cause. This is because when war takes place many people die and lose their properties and homes. The soldiers try to prevent this as no person is supposed to go through that hard especially when they are innocent.

The military believes that when they are going to war there should be a good intention for it. They believe that war should not be used for the wrong reasons as it causes harm to many people. The military does not believe in using war for their own selfish reasons and to be able to be feared by other countries. They believe that war is a very crucial thing and it should be given the utmost respect it needs and to be used whenever they want.

The military believes that there should be a requirement of proportionality as the state must be ready to accept the future implications that come with the war. They state that the state must gain something of importance after the war and not just going to war just for the sake. They know that war is a very bad matter especially when it comes to disrupting the orders of the whole nation.

It is right to conclude that military ethics are very important as they help in the smooth running of the nation making the country to be able to grow economically. The set rules try to protect the nation more than the soldiers themselves who have offered their lives to protect the citizens of the nation.