The Controversy Over Gun Control

With all that has been going on in the last 10 years with mass shootings.

It has brought gun control laws to the forefront. Most of the ideas that have been proposed will not solve the problem. Is there a good solution? There are things we can do to deter and minimize situations that arise.

Gun control activists are trying to say that banning guns will reduce gun violence. Which in fact there is more gun violence in gun-free zones than anywhere else. In Kennesaw GA they passed a law that if you lived in the town you had to own a firearm. Kennesaw has had only one murder in six years and their violent crime rate is below 2% with a population of over 33,000. There is no way of knowing if the gun law is solely responsible for this, but it makes you wonder.

Put yourself in the mind of a criminal for a moment. If you were going to shoot up a place would you choose (a) a place where there were no guns, where you knew you would not get shot yourself, or would you choose (b) a place where you knew you would be shot instantly? It is common sense says you would not want to get shot at yourself.

Another idea is to ban high-capacity magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. When you talk about banning things that just means law-abiding citizens don’t have them. If banning things or making them illegal will work, then we should make drugs and murder illegal…oh wait…never mind it already is. The Virginia Tech shooter, the Florida school shooter and one of the Columbine shooters used 10 round magazines.

If teachers and professors are trained and allowed to carry in schools. It would not stop all shootings but would deter a lot of them and could shorten them causing less death and injures.

Not everyone with a gun could use it against another person. Some of them would freeze up. It is impossible to know what you would do in a situation like this, but with proper training and practice, our kids would be a lot safer. Most of the people that are afraid of guns have never seen or shot them. Everyone should go through a gun safety course and learn to shoot even if they never plan to own one.

So, is there a good solution? No, but the more Americans that are armed the safer this country will be. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think that everyone should be walking around with AR-15’s on there back. When everyone is carrying concealed is most effective. That way the criminals do not know who is armed and who is not.