My Motivation To Study Politics

Ever since I was young I had a strong interest in the world around me.

I have always wanted to fully comprehend and understand people’s positions in society. I know that I can make a difference. I am genuinely interested in global politics and I like to follow current affairs on the television, reading local and national news online. Politics can be seen as a way to cooperate and work together despite differences in opinion and past conflicts. My passion to study politics started in 2015 with rise of Donald Trump and the Brexit referendum. Prior to that there was a lack of political participation in contemporary society. I believe this is a result of society losing interest in politics and therefore political participation deteriorated, On this basis I would be keen to examine why general political participation by the masses has crumbled, most importantly, where the fault lies. This is one of many reasons that I feel politics would be excellent to study.

Studying Politics and perhaps a minor such as International relations will enable me to combine subjects which I have loved since being first introduced to politics. I am a highly motivated student and I believe that I am equipped to face the challenges that such a course would offer me and keen to expand my knowledge in this field. Studying Government and Politics at A Level increased my appreciation for these subjects. I understand that the subjects are interlinked with one another, especially today in a further globalising world. Politics deals with the distribution and the exercise of power while International Relations examine the relationship between countries and policies that are formulated. I also intend to study not just how the policies are formed but the moral reasoning and potential risks behind them and why they succeed or fail in society.

My passion for these subjects extends beyond an academic aspect;

I have a passion for the field. I enjoy reading books such as Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty. This has broadened my knowledge of politics and the reasoning as to why countries have developed differently to other, such as why the West is wealthier than the rest of the planet. I have also attended public debates held at parliament, particularly House of Commons, these have helped develop my understanding on topics ranging from political ideologies and international policies, all of which I have found exceptionally useful. My study of English Literature has given me the opportunity to analyze and critique many forms of literature. My love for reading has undoubtedly helped prepare me for university study.

I am confident that this course will fulfill my passion and introduce me to new political perspectives as well as giving me the foundations I need to broaden my knowledge. The reasons mentioned prior drive my will to study politics. I believe this course will give me the confidence that will help deal with the demands it requires.

At the age of 16 I shadowed Sammy Douglas, a local MLA and watched him deal with a range of social issues, worked at his local constituency office and saw him interact and help his local constituents. This experience gave me an insight into helping others through the political sphere and how local politicians get involved in their communities. I attended a Justice committee meeting centered around Police work to combat sex trafficking. The discussion was very heated leading to an indecisive conclusion. This in-turn piqued my interests in the law aspect of politics.

I have participated in a programme called Youth in Government, designed to introduce young people to the world of politics. I attended weekly sessions covering different topics ranging from political ideologies, local and international government and discussions around particular topic that challenged my held views.

I am a quietly confident, driven individual, with a strong desire to do well. I firmly believe that studying at university will provide me with great opportunities.