John F. Kennedy: The Casanova President


Taking a look on John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s regime, the public can support the fact that the 35th president brought the country back on its feet after he succeeded the 34th President. The Presidents all try to leave legacies after the end of their terms. Being the youngest President to be ever elected, JFK did leave a reputable legacies and he was not exempted into the presidential scandals list. JFK is an example and a role model to the Americans and if it were not for Mimi Beardsley Alford’s book – Once upon a Secret – the president’s would still have that good reputation when he was in office.

This article outlines President John F. Kennedy’s reign as the 35th President of United States of America, his quotable and remarkable achievements, some of his failures especially his enormous list of women he had an affair with during his reign in office and after his assassination in 1963.

Casanova Public Servants

Is it flirting? Are these public servants getting a lot of privileges that they trick their staffs into secret affairs? Politicians in office or aspirants have had a lot of scandals. Womanizing (habitual flirts with staffs or attempts to seduce the office staffs) is one of the scandals those in power should get to change at. David M. Rubenstein has delivered an artistic with The American Story, where he shows his interviews with remarkable authors’ biographies.

He articulated his deliberation was to provide the public servants with plenty more information about the past country’s great leaders and events, when they are exercising their roles. (Rubenstein, 2019) He went further to eloquent.that the senators and representatives would acquire knowledge on the history and can learn on what they can do to cub the future challenges

Before 1988 when the media leaked the presidential contender Gray Hart’s sex scandal and brought him down, the politicians lives were then put into consideration and declared private

The dark sides of President JFK

David M. Rubenstein fathomed deeply into the American History from his interview with the biographer Richard Reeves’ (President Kennedy: Profile of Power) biography on John F. Kennedy. The interview points out some of the dark sides of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of United States of America. He highlights: Dominican Republic’s dictator Rafael Trujillo’s assassination and Fidel Castro’s attempted assassination as some of his dark sides. The President’s participation-a co-contractor, practically (Reeves, 1993) making an excuse that the wall was to protect the small U.S. forces from the hundreds of thousands Russian soldiers on the eastern side of the country.

President JFK’s Secret affairs

With all these dark sides, John F. Kennedy still could not stick into being loyal to his wife. He had several affairs with his staff. He chose to be creative and found himself having secret affairs with lots of women at his disposal. Mimi Beardsley Alford, in her jotted autobiography- Once Upon a Secret- that claims from June 1962 to November 1963, while she was an intern, she had an affair with President John F. Kennedy.

Plenty other White house Staffs have their willing bedmates; President John F. Kennedy was not exempted. The 35th President did not need to go far to look for his secrets affairs when he had a lot of them in the White House at his disposal. Mimi Beardsley aside, JFK had secret affairs with Pamela Turnae (his wife, Jackie Kennedy’s secretary), White House Press aides Priscilla Weiss (nicknamed “Fiddle”) and Jill Cowan (also known as “Faddle”), Marilyn Monroe, Angie Dickinson, Blaze Starr and Frank Sinatra among others.

The President that the Americans elected

With JFK’s achievements the public can at least honor him for the entire things that he did to the United States of America. He was the youngest ever elected President at age 42 and he got awarded with the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his Heroism during World War 2. President Kennedy’s reforms that he took to get the country out of recession made him an honorable and rememberable President. His assassination: JFK will always be the last president to be murdered.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was enormously audacious during his short 2 year reign in office. His promise was to get America moving was one of the best things that he fulfilled. According to Forbes, JFK started showing the dark sides during his final days (Sabato, 2013). Forbes tried to defend his reputation by making the assumption that the death of his siblings, Joe and Kathleen, made him restless and he found comfort in the beauties in White House. He had the affairs to slow his ego down.


Despite his achievements, John F. Kennedy was a womanizer and these are some of the things that should never be tolerated especially from a public servant that who promised to make developments in the country. If Mimi Beardsley Alford had leaked the information about President John F. Kennedy, when he was still in power to the media then JKF would be out of office. He would have not been tolerated. Was the President using his presidential privileges to seduce the White House staff in bed with them?


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