Gun Control Laws Should Be Stricter In America

Americans own approximately 270 million guns, which gives America the highest rate of gun ownership with 89 guns for every 100 people.

A majority of Americans say gun laws should be stricter. Although some believe there should not be gun control, Guns should be controlled so there are not kids and parents that have to worry about getting shot in school or when taking a walk.

Limiting guns is a good idea. In America we lose more than 32,000 Americans to gun violence every year, so limiting gun control would be smart. That’s an average of 87 deaths a day. When more people have guns, the odds go up that they’ll be used. The solution is to require background checks on every gun sale with a potential exception for individuals selling to immediate family members also to strengthen the screening process to detect warning signs in people who are trying to buy guns. Gun control Is a good idea because we lose lots of Americans every year. (New York Times Upfront)

Limiting guns would be safer.

In 2012, 31 people died in mass shootings in California, Colorado, Washington and Wisconsin. At the hands of killers who legally obtained assault rifles, shotguns and semi-automatic pistols.This shows we should control the limit of guns people can have and kind of guns.These kinds of crimes happen more than it should. If we made sure a person was normal and was using the gun for something that isn’t going to kill someone. There would be a lot less of these crimes. It’s a good idea because there is to many mass shootings. (NewsCurrents Read to Know)

Other people agree with limiting gun control is safe. On February 14, 2018, a former student walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, near the end of the school day. He took an assault rifle out of a bag and started shooting, killing 17 people and injuring 15 others The school then started organizing a mass movement to demand change in the nation’s gun laws. A speech by senior Emma González went viral on the internet soon after she delivered it. In the speech, González said, ‘If you actively do nothing, people continually end up dead, so it’s time to start doing something…We are going to change the law.’ It’s a good idea because others agree with limiting gun control. (Students Demand Change in Gun Laws.)

Did the Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Get what they wanted? The student were trying to get rid of three specific gun control measures. One of them is a ban on military-style semi-automatic rifles, sometimes called ‘assault weapons.’ That is the type of gun used in the Stoneman Douglas shooting. They want that banned because Semi-automatic rifles shoot one bullet at a time, and then automatically reload another bullet so they can be quickly fired again.Students also want bans on high-capacity magazines. These are devices that can store many extra bullets and feed them into a gun so shooters do not have to reload. Also calling for tighter restrictions on gun ownership by mentally ill people. The killer in the Parkland shooting had been expelled from Stoneman Douglas High School and had a history of mental problems. But he passed background checks and bought his gun legally.This shows that anyone can legally go buy a gun even if they are mentally ill. This also shows why the U.S. has the most school shootings and gun violence. What other people think about guns.

Yet people may be against not limiting guns, I think it is safer and the right choice.

People may say that it’s not the guns that kill people it is the person. They say that because they say it’s not the guns fault so they think why get rid of guns or limit gun control. This is wrong because if we limited guns or got rid of certain kinds then the person with the gun couldn’t kill anyone because he wouldn’t be able to legally have it. It is not just the person’s fault, it is also the guns because if it wasn’t for the gun then none of these school shooting or gun violence throughout the U.S. would be happening.

I think that gun violence is a very serious thing and there is way to many american every year dying to it. There are over 32,000 Americans dying from gun violence every year and there are 87 dying every day. We need to control the amount of guns that we give out. They could be sold to anyone even if they are mentally ill. We need to Get programs that can show us if there is something wrong with the person or was entally ill in the past. Overall we need to limit guns so we can reduce the amount of deaths that happen every day Also school shooting.

Many people may think limiting guns is a bad idea overall it is good because it will stop school shootings and lower the amount of gun violence in america. This all fits together by showing the kind of gun violence that is happening in regular day life and showing we should limit the amount of guns to be safer. My main idea is important because there is way too many people dying from gun violence and we need to make that number go down.