Gun Control As A Necessity In The United States

America is a country that enforces the Second Amendment which triggers anarchy and the negative impact on humanity.

Implementing gun control will substantially improve the health and wellbeing of society, reduce gun-related deaths, improve hospital standards and administer a safe community. Although, many agree that gun control laws infringe upon the right to feel a sense of safety. Instead, American freedom is being significantly abused and humanity is exploiting the law of guns, altering the Second Amendment and causing a whirlpool of pain. America must enforce gun control to ensure a safe community and not a toxic one.

Legislation in favour of gun control in America will be a progressive step towards decreasing gun-related incidents.

According to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, American citizens have the right to possess a gun. However, under federal law, private-sale exemptions do not require a background check, record the sale, or ask for identification on the individual who is purchasing a gun. This implies that society, innocent or mass murderer, can obtain a firearm without any formal authorisation and safety checks. Citizens will, and they do, exploit the Second Amendment, using gun policies to commit mass crimes and significantly impact communities. For example, in 2019 a hate crime targeting Hispanic immigration, occurred in El Paso killing twenty-two people and injuring twenty-four others at a Walmart. Due to this shooting, society encountered hardship battles, trying to overcome mental and physical health impacts such as devastation, depression, anger and emotional stress. If gun control laws were enforced, it would ensure a safer community and save multiple innocent lives that are sacrificed in not only mass shootings, but suicides and accidental gun deaths.

Guns are a prominent attribution that triggers suicides and accidental deaths in America due to the Second Amendment regulation. Guns are a source that can perpetrate injuries and deaths deliberately, or as an undetermined intent due to the lack of safety restrictions and awareness. In the United States, over 1.69 million children under the age of 19 live in households with loaded and unlocked firearms, raising the risk for a possible tragedy and increasing the rate of suicidal deaths and other gun-related fatalities. This proves that some American households do not secure firearms and store unlocked loaded guns in their homes, which significantly contribute to the increased number of deaths in children and teenagers. Moreover, a survey was conducted between 2001 – 2004, and it was reported that 41% of adolescents had easy access to guns and the ability to shoot, making them susceptible to accidental shootings. This is because of the specific behavioural characteristics associated with adolescence such as impulsivity, feelings of invincibility, and curiosity about firearms. Although, many argue that gun control laws infringe upon the right to feel a sense of safety, yet if gun control was obligatory, society would not feel the compulsion of being vulnerable in the chance of mass shootings and therefore enhancing the community.

Gun-related deaths and injuries are substantially increased over time, resulting in the uprise of hospital patients that require treatment. For hospitals to remain capable of managing the constant load of untreated patients, significant risks and sacrifices are made, causing an increased amount of health problems that would not be dealt with as soon as required. According to a Professor of American Health and Violence, Daniel Webster, in 2017, 40 000 firearm-related deaths occurred in the United States and 37% accounted for assaults, consequently instigating more than three-quarters of all nonfatal wounding to be treated in hospitals. In society, hospitals are vital and play an integral role in the healthcare system, functioning to provide medical care to patients in need. However, sometimes certain hospitals can struggle to maintain the demand for assistance, admission in emergency situations and provide medical support that is obligatory for patients. This prompts overcrowding in emergency rooms, prospective patients to experience long waits and the transference of patients from one facility to another. If gun control regulations were permitted in America, then 27.75% of the population that experienced a nonfatal gun wound would not be required to be treated, overall reducing the number of patients in emergency rooms to benefit society.

In summary, gun control is a necessity that must be enforced to keep peace and deter war. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution has caused pain for suffering families, impacting the lives of many innocent souls. Although guns are sometimes viewed as a constitutional value for self-defence and safety, they have caused insufferable pain from deaths in mass shootings and suicides. Society must take a stand and change gun laws. As famous American author, Stephen King stated, “How many people will have to die before we give up these dangerous toys?”