Donald Trump And The Ethics of Business

A role model is a person who serves as a model for specific behavioral techniques, behavioral examples, and ideas.

Many people are unconsciously choosing a role model and are said to be pining, imitating, or being influenced. By setting a role model, you can clarify the direction you are aiming for, and you can set goals and grow. In other words, the role model is a guideline for an ideal career and using it as a reference is the shortcut to success. When considering the role model as a businessperson, what role model the company presents is an important point. A role model in business should be someone who demonstrates confidence & leadership, communicates with everyone, knowledgeable and well rounded, willing to admit mistakes and does goods outside the job. Also, business ethics should be the foundation of every organization’s activities. Getting to know and using it serves better business. Ethical responsibility can improve the company’s operation and reduce the costs of any conflicts arising from ignorance of the moral rules by the business world. Now where does Donald Trump stand in all of this?

A lot of individuals admire the work that Donald Trump has put into his businesses and empire.

They think he’s a good businessman and here’s why. CNN Politics has cleared some information out for me such as Donald Trump’s largest business is 17 Golf club courses worth 307.7M dollars, 50 real estate buildings worth 139.8M dollars, 14 hotels worth 105.4M dollars, 4 show businesses worth 14.0M dollars, other businesses like Travel Enterprise Management Inc., The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative LLC. And 12 other businesses worth 13.6M dollars, 6 aircrafts worth 8.8m dollars, 16 books worth 1.2M dollars and finally 7 merchandise products worth 766,167 dollars. A writer for Trump’s organization, Meredith Clover states that: ‘’Why We Want You To Be Rich,’ a book the candidate wrote with businessman Robert Kiyosaki, sold 260,000 copies. ‘’ It shows how much people believe in the mind-set and legitimacy of Mr. Trump’s business tactics. Mr. Trump has never filed for bankruptcy as an individual, but his company had filed for bankruptcy six times (from 1991 to 2014). . This means that the company continued to operate and deferred repayment of borrowed funds or negotiated a reduction.

On the other hand, some people criticize the way Donald Trump manages his business. He might not be a good businessman from their point of view here’s why. According to the New York Times, ”Trump’s core companies reported losses of over $ 1 billion between 1985 and 1994. ” This deficit comes from multiple hotel, rental apartment and casino businesses owned and operated by Trump. Mr. Trump was in so much debt he didn’t pay income taxes for a while. Because he didn’t know how to control his finances and think rationally. According to The Atlantics Mr. Trump has refused to pay contractors and workers for one of his hotel in Washington. He also, hired undocumented polish workers to construct his well Trump Tower known in New York. Donald Trump allegedly scammed a lot of students luring them into paying for classes in his ‘’university’’ to learn about real estate secrets.

I would say that Donald Trump is a good role model for business students and is a good businessman. When I noticed that he had bankruptcies on mortgage, and it wasn’t personal. Which meant it didn’t affect his personal life just the businesses showed me he was indeed a smart businessman aside of the unethical choices he did. We can’t deny the fact that he is an intelligent person. Who knows how to turn the situations in his favor which is sometimes bad, but he knows how to manage everything that comes his way. In the business world, it is common to get into failure or crisis. Mr. Trump described the failure as follows in his book. “Any mistake can be a wonderful learning. Through this process, I have improved my skills as a businessman.” Aside from Mr. Trump’s reputation as president, the power that he has faced as a businessman who has failed and faced a crisis and has survived that phase may be worth following. If you are in a difficult situation, why not face the crisis head-on to land into an opportunity?