A Growing Problem Of Police Brutality Towards African Americans

There is a great conflict between police and civilians in this generation, more specifically with African Americans as the victims.

The term “police brutality” has been in use in the American press since 1782 when the civilians reported getting beaten under arrest at the Harrison Street Police Station. Although many police officers are not racist, there’s still a big problem in police brutality towards African Americans.

Today, a black man’s biggest fear is the police. But why? One might ask this because the numbers of deaths and injuries caused by police to a black man is rising every single day. In 2017, approximately 1,147 people were killed by police,1,166 were killed in 2018 and just last year 847 people were killed. It is reported that 44% of the people killed by police had no weapons and 27% were allegedly armed, but no documented police reports of evidence were ever made.

D. Brian Burghart has amassed a database of 2,808 incidents from across the nation. Another report by WAACP focused on Oakland, California and found that 82% of people shot by police between 2004-2008 were black. Now there can be a whole list created of names and incidents that occurred involving police brutality, most different cases but all touching and mind blowing in disbelief.

Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African American boy was shot and killed unarmed. Bothan Jean was an unarmed African American man killed in his own house, a couple months ago by white police officer Amber Guyger. Although this tragedy is repeated over and over again, there doesn’t seem to be a change. Atatiana Jefferson shot and killed standing in her home in the presence of her 8-year-old nephew by Officer Aaron Dean. Most reports start off by saying “second time in a week jury has to decide the fate of a police officer who killed an unarmed black man”. 

Police are required to do what is necessary in a situation to assure safety in the environment.

In an event of resistance the police officer is allowed to do what is right to gain control. But what is the “right” thing to do? Police officers have tasers for specific reasons such as resistance, but instead of grabbing the appropriate object, most go for the weapon that a human can not beat. A gun gives man power, maybe too much, that it consumes all training provided. All killings and injuries caused by police didn’t only affect black people, but white people as well. But the percentage of those who are black in the general population is 24% versus 13%. According to reports 78% of our population are white but just under 32% of those were killed. Which means black people are more likely to be killed by police.

Police brutality has been a growing problem. This means that there will be more of it, but instead of pondering on how many people have had their lives taken from it there should be suggestions of possible solutions. Such as police wearing body cams at all times, therefore justice will be served with the provided evidence and consequences to those who violate the expectation for whatever reason. With the previous evidence in conclusion, police brutality is a serious problem that can be and should be prevented to ensure a better environment, safety and relationships between civilians and the police who are supposed to protect people and their surroundings no matter their race.